A comprehensive inventory of the invasive alien flora of India's fifth largest and most populous state, Uttar Pradesh was done.

Uranium content in groundwater varies markedly depending upon geological terrain, climate, proximity of uranium deposits, as well as composition of the water. In India, the average reported range of uranium in groundwater is from 0.01 to 19.6 micrograms/litre (ug/L).

Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve in central India is endowed with rich floristic diversity with numerous ethno-medicinal plants of economic significance. These plants used in traditional indigenous system of treatment for various ailments by the tribal and non-tribal residents of the area, form the backbone of medicines prescribed by local practitioners like Kabirajs, Pahans Vaidrajs etc.

This paper brings out the requirements for a sustainable and affordable energy and transport scenario. The demand/supply gap for the next twenty-five years has also been vividly brought out.