This book evaluates -using for the first time a single consistent methodology and the state-of-the-art climate scenarios-, the impacts of climate change on hydro-power and irrigation expansion plans in Africa’s main rivers basins (Niger, Senegal, Volta, Congo, Nile, Zambezi, Orange); and outlines an approach to reduce climate risks through suita

Climate change will have potentially significant effects on freshwater quality due to increases in river and lake temperatures, changes in the magnitude and seasonality of river runoff, and more frequent and severe extreme events. These physical impacts will in turn have economic consequences through effects on riparian development, river and reservoir recreation, water treatment, harmful aquatic blooms, and a range of other sectors. In this paper, the researchers analyze the physical and economic effects of changes in freshwater quality across the contiguous U.S.

The objective of this technical report is to provide the background to the methodology used to model the impact of climate change on runoff for the global track of the Economic of Adaptation to Climate Change (EACC) project.