INDORE: Madhya Pradesh is a growing state aiming at multi-dimensional developments.

As Madhya Pradesh takes lead in the country in terms of agriculture growth rate at an impressive 14%, the state would do well to address the problem of fake pesticides, scientists, policy makers an

The divisional commissioner, Sanjay Dube, has asked Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) to supply water to Super Corridor area, where two information technology (IT) majors, like TCS and Infosys, ha

INDORE: Panic gripped the industrial town of Nagda in Ujjain, nearly 120 km from here, when a toxic gas leaked from a German plant on Tuesday affecting 50 villagers in the vicinity. While most of those affected were discharged after primary treatment, three plant officials were arrested and later released on bail.

Victims complained of cough, burning in eyes and breathlessness and were admitted to Indubhai Parekh Memorial Hospital for treatment. All but three were discharged within hours of being admitted.

As per the information given by the minister of state for coal, Pratik Prakash Bapu Patil in a written reply in Rajya Sabha on Monday, the coal blocks located in Madhya Pradesh allocated to private companies during the last five years.

They include Mideast Intergrated Steels, Birla Corporation, Kamal Sponge Steel & Power, Revati Cement, Jindal Steel & Power and Monnet Ispat & Energy.
He said that the government of Madhya Pradesh had recommended 14 companies for seven coal blocks located in the state during the said period.