Those attending to patients & sanitation staff who are at risk to get priority

To ensure the segregation of waste at the point of generation itself, the company engaged by the Municipal Corporation (MC) has distributed dustbins of two different colours in residential areas bu

With the garbage-collection system collapsing in the city in view of the Bhagtanwala dump row, heaps of waste are mounting at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, posing a serious health threat to the patients

The district Health Department is all set to take the help of gambusia fish to check dengue and malaria by introducing the same in ponds in rural areas.

While the district administration is conducting back-to-back meetings with officials of various departments to curb malaria and dengue, no efforts on the ground are visible barring awareness progra

The sample reports of the Food Testing Laboratory at Chandigarh has found soft drinks of a multinational brand unsafe for human consumption. Foreign matter was found in drinks during tests.

Collapse of canal system much to blame, applications for tube wells mount