A sudden eviction notice to the people of Tehri town, warning of an imminent flooding, has incensed the public

With one of the highest growth rate of AIDS cases in the world, India sees a boom in 'opportunistic infections' baffling doctors

Should the remaining two stocks of the smallpox virus be wiped out permanently from the face of the earth? The question, which brings to fore certain scientific, technical and ethical issues, awaits an answer from world's scientists

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Indian scientists suspect the presence of hantavirus one of the. most dreaded killers of modern times in Gujarat

Forest tracts in Andhra Pradesh are being aggressively encroached upon under the umbrella of political debauchery and official nepotism

Militancy has destroyed much more than peace in Kashmir. Kalashnikov trotting extremists are ravaging the last green frontiers of the 'heaven on earth'. Even the Army is accused of active complicity. Eco vandalism has certainly emerged as a lucrative deal

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One of the most lucrative pisciculture activities today, shrimp cultivation in India was recently given a devastating body blow by a mysterious lethal virus. Author tracks the beast

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