The Gujarat government has been ordered not to close the sluice gates of the Sardar Sarovar dam until all rehabilitation and resettlement plans are finalised

The development of birth control methods that use the body's immune system may be more convenient than condoms and pills. But several groups warn against the unknown dangers of such methods.

India's attempts at developing supercomputers have not only paid off, they have sparked intense competition.

If not checked out immediately, the 'year 2000 problem' could be a potential time bomb capable of demolishing our smug cyber operations

The fisheries department sets new rules for acquafarmers to avoid the recurrence of a viral devastation

The beautiful resort is fast greying under the onslaught of modernity

A significant proportion of food products in India, especially infant food products, has been found to be contaminated by poisonous substances

Indian industrialists and scientists want the country"s property rights to be "strengthened", but the powerful drugs industry wants to maintain the status quo