About 18.4 in every 100,000 Sri Lankan women had breast cancer in 2005. This figure has gone up to 25, Health Ministry media coordinator W M D Vanninayake said.

Dengue fever is increasing rapidly with the ongoing rains and 124 persons are reported to have died as at September 2.

Latest Medical Research Institute (MRI) entomology surveys reveal that 41 percent dengue mosquito breeding places in the Western Province were created by plastic items.

Nearly 160,000 schoolchildren suffer from eye defects while another 400,000 are threatened with possible eye defects, a Health Ministry study revealed.

The first ever early warning system for a disease in Sri Lanka is to be set up soon. The early warning system for dengue fever will be setup with the assistance of the European Union (EU).

The highest number of dengue cases - 4,718 has been reported from the Colombo district, followed by 1,627 in the Gampaha district and 714 in the Kalutara district, a Health Ministry spokesman said.

"The country has recorded 2,113 dengue cases during the past 19 days while 3,412 dengue cases and 14 deaths were reported last month," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, 12,330 dengue cases had been r

A total of 11,687 dengue cases and 82 deaths had been reported from all parts of the country by July 13, Health Ministry sources said.

According to sources, the highest number of dengue cases, 4,506 and 1 deaths, had been reported from the Colombo district.

The Colombo Municipal Council area recorded 1,804 Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) cases and 12 deaths.

Health Ministry Epidemiology Unit statistics reveal that 9,660 dengue cases and 73 deaths had been reported from all parts of the country by Tuesday, sources said.

According to the sources the number of dengue cases reported until June 28 was 2,863. "The number of deaths reported during the same period was 10. There were 1,956 dengue cases and 19 deaths in May.

Of the 10,350 dengue cases reported in the island during the past six months, 60 deaths have been reported.

The International Conference on Food Safety : Science, Evidence and Regulations, organised by the Health Ministry in collaboration with the Regional Office for South Asia of International Life Sciences will be held today and tomorrow at Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo, a Health Education Bureau spokesman said.

According to the spokesman Senior Minister Prof Tissa Vitharana, Technology and Research