A meeting between forest personnel and farmers was held on Wednesday at Kalakkad – Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve’s Kalakkad Division to find a solution for intrusion of elephants into agricultural fie

Tourism potential lies untapped; migration of youth continues

Recent SC order enlivens the hopes of people living in five Kaani hamlets

Work on linking Tamiraparani, Karumeniyar and Nambiyar to benefit drought-prone areas on Tirunelveli and Tuticorin is slowing gaining momentum.

Farmers having cultivable lands irrigated by water from Karuppanadhi dam are a worried lot

Farmers having cultivable lands that are irrigated by the water from Karuppanadhi dam are the most worried lot as illegal sand mining is being reported in the dam area for the past several days.

Officials have to be bribed to obtain consent, SHGs allege

Self-help groups (SHGs) involved in brick making, as well as artisans, complain that restrictions imposed by the department of mines to control illicit sand mining are crippling their trade, a charge denied by mining officials.

Work on the construction of a canal linking three rivers to provide water to the parched regions of two districts has run aground for lack of funds.

The third and the fourth phase of work on the 73-km-long flood and stormwater channel, being dug to connect Tamirabharani – Karumaeniyar and Nambiyar rivers to take the perennial river’s surplus water to the dry regions of Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts, has come to a grinding halt due to non-availability of funds.

Time to strengthen its prey base

The recent wildlife census conducted at Kalakkad – Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) shows a significant increase in the predator population and signals the need to strengthen its prey base or herbivore population. When the survey team crossed Rettaikaradu area in Thirukkurunkudi range, the members saw a panther, a ‘shy animal’, taking rest under a shade and another team, which was trekking near Maanjolai above Manimuthar dam, saw a panther standing on a rock at a distance.

Leading hospitals receive minimum of five patients in a week

After claiming more than forty lives in Tirunelveli district during the previous outbreak in the first quarter last year, dengue has reared its ugly head again in the city with almost all leading hospitals here receiving a minimum of five dengue patients every week. Though the latest outbreak has not resulted in any death so far, the disease has triggered panic among the public. The fear has increased manifold as anti-mosquito operations, carried out by the Corporation, have come to a grinding halt.

To decide on ‘pinnacle protest’ against project commissioning

The latest announcement from Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office V. Narayanasamy on the possible commissioning of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project in mid-January has compelled the protesters to convene a meeting of community leaders on January 13 at Idinthakarai to decide on the future course of action against the upcoming nuclear park.