The Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are armed with a simple, effective and practical system of irrigation to mend the ruin inflicted by the state's impractical and rudderless schemes

A programme initiated with much drum beating, the green revolution has not just backfired but even eroded traditional systems of farming. Farmers from Madhya Pradesh are trying hard to recover from its disastrous effects

Applause and international funding of a forestry project greenwashes the cruel realities of the people living there

For down and out tribal women, global developmental extravagnzas mean nothing but rhetoric

LADAKHI tribals have started dreaming of going blonde, having blue eyes, owning 2 shiny cars and wearing skin-hugging jeans! There is a worrisome increase in the incidence of violence between

GLOBAL warming, depletion of the ozone layer and loss of biodiversity have become the most terrifying bogeys of the world community in recent years) and have spawned a series of international

How the villagers of Pujara Ki Chowki foiled hamhanded attempts of the state forest department to force start a plantation on a forest already protected and nurtured by the people

The recent panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh was the latest edition of the mock ritual of decentralisation

THE book is an attempt to theorise the relationships between the many factors responsible for the degradation of forests. Although it does not deal with the latest developments in India