This study was conducted in the tribal district Nandurbar in northern Maharashtra. The data was collected from 60 men and women of four villages through conventions, discussions and interviews. The respondents were from Pawara and Bhil tribes, who still believe in superstitions and local medicines only.


Ubeshwar Vikas Mandal (UVM), an organisation of Bhil adivasis, has over the past two decades undertaken awareness raising, community organisation and protection and regeneration initiatives for pasturelands, forest areas and water bodies. The UVM-Svaraj project for small-height construction is the latest addition to these activities.

Bhasha a tribal academy that enables Bhils to study themselves

The Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are armed with a simple, effective and practical system of irrigation to mend the ruin inflicted by the state's impractical and rudderless schemes

So dependent are the Bhils on trees, deforestation is eroding the very roots of their culture