Palampur, April 23: Increase in cases of renal failure, gastric ulcer, hepatic, cancer and tuberculosis in the state has become a matter of serious concern.

Palampur, April 23: The sale and use of polythene is banned in the state, but shopkeepers are openly flouting norms and selling vegetables and fruits in poly bags.

Large-scale deforestation, reckless cutting of hills, illegal mining, poor management of waste, falling groundwater tables, preservation and quality of forests, biodiversity loss and land/soil degr

The state government is yet to initiate steps for the safe handling of waste generated from hospitals, medical health institutions, colleges and university laboratories.

The indiscriminate disposal of waste generated from government medical institutions in the district has become a major health hazard and risk to human population.

Illegal mining in Kangra has posed a threat to over 100 irrigation and drinking water supply schemes which get water from small rivers of this district.