This paper has studied rural employment diversification in India and across major states using NSSO data at household level for the period 1983 and 2009-10. Factors affecting rural employment diversification towards non-farm sector have also been studied. Analysis has shown that the non-farm sector has consistently grown over time and employed nearly one-third of the rural workforce in 2009-10, as compared to merely one-fifth in 1983 at all-India level.

This policy brief covers factors such as yield gain, reduction in insecticide use, benefits to farmers and consumers, and policy implications of adopting Bt brinjal hybrids.The brief estimates economic gains from the Bt brinjal hybrids annually to be Rupee 577 crore (US$126 million) assuming adoption rate of 15%, Rupee 1167 crore (US$255 million) at 30% adoption rate and Rupee 2387 crore

In this paper an attempt has been made to demonstrate that there are enormous possibilities to increase wheat production in the country by taking some corrective measure in the production process.