The state government is making all efforts to promote solar power energy in Punjab. There is a subsidy up to 30 per cent for institutional and domestic users.

The state government launches campaigns such as “Nanhi Chhaan” with great enthusiasm but soon the “true” spirit behind these drives starts fading away.

Better Ludhiana: water pollution

Being an industrial hub, Ludhiana is flooded with various kinds of industries, which have provided bread and butter to lakhs of people not only from Punjab but also from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. At the same time, certain industries have proven to be the bane of Ludhiana as they have polluted the city to an alarming proportion.

Authorities fail to provide pulses to beneficiaries

Tall claims of the state government of providing wheat flour (atta) and pulses (dal) to the poor notwithstanding, the beneficiaries have not been getting their share of pulses since January in the district.