358 of 413 drug patent applications for the disease in India are from top multinationals.

Pfizer Inc, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, will soon initiate programmes to develop drugs specific to diseases in developing countries, such as India, moving away from its history of fo

With the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP) set to be extended to all districts from April 2008, the Ministry of Rural Development has sent letters to state governments asking them

Expanding the number of carbon credit projects under the United Nations clean development mechanism and streamlining its regulation are key priorities for the coming year, said Rajesh Kumar Sethi, the

Pressure is building on the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and the Ministry of Women and Child Development to ensure cooked meals in pre-school centres under the central programme of ang

Polyester is a magical material. It is found in just about everything, from clothes to artificial blood vessels.

Extending the support of the environmentalists to the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, which is in a limbo because of opposition from the Left parties, Nobel Laureate RK Pachauri today said not going ahead

Climate change is likely to create new food insecurities by further pushing up the already rising prices and bringing down the world agriculture GDP by 16 per cent by 2020, the International Food Poli

Production and stock of jute products across the country have fallen in January 2008 by 5,000 tonnes compared with those in December 2007, according to the latest figures furnished by the Indian Jute

The country is facing a power crisis.