The mountains in Sikkim are being drilled with explosives to make long tunnels to dam rivers for hydel power projects, despite warnings of geological damage.

As part of its long term strategy, Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) is considering moving out its small-car design centre to India. However, at present, no time line has been charted out.

Just when everybody thought he would zoom away in his bullet-proof BMW, Rahul Gandhi walked towards the side of the road

Brazil, the world's largest ethanol producer, has thrown open its doors to investment by Indian companies in sugarcane farming, extracting ethanol and exporting it back home for mixing in petrol.

DEBATE Eventually, the debate boils down to whether removing patent rights will lead to lower R&D in diseases that are important for patients in developing economies. Ranjit Shahani

An old British jingle says,

A Delhi High Court interim order given last week can totally alter the patent regime in the country for life-saving drugs.

The new government of South Korea, among the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gases, plans to cap emissions at 2005 levels for the next five years despite Seoul's exemption from cuts under t

MP to get 37 per cent of the power produced at the plant.

To check undue proliferation of special economic zones (SEZs), approval given to such enclaves should be cancelled if they do not start functioning within a timeframe, a key finance ministry official