Scientists have pinpointed a genetic link that makes people more prone to get hooked on to tobacco, smoke more cigarettes and develop deadly lung cancer.

The Darjeeling Tea Association (DTA) has mounted efforts to increase the production of organic tea so that the majority of the champagne of teas is organically produced by 2010.

With the UPA Government determined to rein in inflation through various fiscal and monetary measures

Elm oyster mushroom (Hypsizygus ulmarius), is a relatively rare mushroom variety.

Affordable: Ms. Rajareega at her farm in SivaGanga district, Tamil Nadu seen manufacturing the botanical pesticides.

During a short visit to Australia last month, I witnessed a heated debate between the Defence Department officials and animal activists.

In utero exposure - cancer link was unknown Study confirms that ionising radiation is a weak carcinogen

A fossilised jawbone and teeth found in a cave in northern Spain may have belonged to one of the first human ancestors to set foot in western Europe.

'Hot' finding: New heat maps of the surface show higher temperatures than previously known in the South Polar region

Cuba has begun lending unused land to private farmers and cooperatives as part of a sweeping effort to step up agricultural production, a small but potentially landmark step that could change the face