Kudadhoo Private Island Resort has become the first resort in Maldives to be fully solar powered.

Health Ministry has revealed that the number of reported dengue cases has dipped

Health Minister Iruthisham Adam has stated that Maldivians on average start smoking at a very young age and that habit usually starts from home.

The world’s first ever exclusive 100 percent renewable energy-powered resort was unveiled to reporters of the Maldives today.

Jumhooree Party leader and Maamigili constituency MP Gasim Ibrahim has called the authorities to use the green tax which will be commenced from November of next year for different environmental cau

China has revealed that they will give full cooperation to the Maldives to develop the Maldivian health sector. Mr.

Interim Health Minister, Mohamed Nazim has revealed that the biggest budget of 2015 will be allocated for the development of the health sector.

Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure today has signed a contract with Fenaka Corporation Limited for the development of sewerage network to the newly constructed housing units in Dh.

Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has signed an agreement with Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Group Co Ltd, China for the construction of the Laamu Atoll Link Road yesterday at

Installation of 119 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) grid tied systems in Raa atoll Ungoofaaru island has commenced on 21st June 2014.