Thousands of fish found dead along seashore SHAFI BALOCH KARACHI -Thousands of fish of various kinds were found dead on Karachi seashore on Sunday. The local fishermen faced huge finical losses as people started taking the fish from the sea, which had already been declared unhygienic, The Nation learnt on Sunday. According to the details, dead fish have been found in large number at various points of the metropolitan including, Kiamari Channel, Baba Bit, Karachi Fish Harbor, Korangi Creak and Girzi. None of the concerned authority has taken any action so far.

Industrial waste threatens aquatic life in Indus RAMZAN CHANDIO KARACHI - The untreated industrial wastewater and irrigation returns has become the real threat to the aquatic life of the Indus River, while the declining water flow of the river is aggravating the situation. It was disclosed in an official report by Sindh Irrigation Department.

Awareness vital to combat malaria SHAHID RAO RAWALPINDI - Integrated awareness programme is vital to eradicate malaria because this disease has no boundaries and the residents of malaria-free areas, too, are falling victim to this dreadful disease. Pakistan Green Task Force President Dr Jamal Nasir said while addressing a seminar held here under the auspices of Federal Malaria Control Programme(FMCP). Eminent doctors, medical students, representatives of civil societies, members of Pakistan Green Task Force and people from all walks of life attended the seminar.

Limited vision and vested interests have politicised the critical issue of water that is now leading to its scarcity and endangering the very existence of human being, says NWPF caretaker Chief Minist

The residents of sector G-6 have demanded of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to cut old trees in the area as they are posing serious threats to public lives and properties. The trees in the area have grown very old, whose trunks can no longer support their heavy branches, one of which fall down to the ground almost everyday. As the trees stand by roadsides and public residences, these branches often fall on people and public transport and cause serious damages to them. Besides, most of the old trees have lost their importance as absorbents of carbon dioxide and other green house gases, as very little leaves grow on them even in spring and monsoon seasons. Therefore, they should be replaced with new saplings so that the goals of a better and clean environment might better be achieved. This was learned during a survey of the area conducted be TheNation here on Friday. The Residents of the area utterly demanded of the CDA to cut the old trees to avoid any mishap. Maqbool Malik, a resident of the area, said that roof of his car parking was twice damaged by branches fallen from these old trees. He said fortunately both the times, his car was out of its parking. "Who would compensate me had the fallen branches caused damages to the car', he maintained. When contacted on phone, a senior official of the authority assured looking into the matter as early as possible. "We are here for the public', he said, adding that they would soon undergo a survey about the said trees and would cut it if required. Another resident of the area said that he had time and again complained the CDA, but it bore no fruits. "Some people do come to us, but asked of us Rs 10,000 for carrying out trimming of the trees', he continued. "The trees would become more dangerous during heavy rainstorms in summer days, when the detached branches not only fell nearby, but also travel far and wide with wind', he said, adding that the authority should do something with them before the summer season.

In the wake of persistent severe cold weather, spread of viral diseases like chickenpox, measles, chest infection and influenza among children is on the increase. According to doctors, the extreme chilly weather has badly disturbed the immunity system of the young ones. Hence, the kids are more vulnerable to viral diseases. The doctors say that there is 20 per cent increase in viral infection among the kids this winter as compared to what was experienced in January and February last year.

The DHA water desalination and power generation project, first of its kind in the country will be formally inaugurated on Monday. A DHA statement here on Sunday said, the project will provide 94 MW gross power linked to KESC network and 3 MGD of potable water specific for DHA needs. It said the Desalination Plant has been established by DHA Cogen Limited (DCL), a Company set up under a joint venture agreement between DHA and Messrs Sacoden (Pvt) Limited from Singapore, and its associates.

The risk of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu or N5N1) which is a highly contagious viral disease, is being overestimated in the metropolis especially by the media. People close to the birds and pigs usually are infected with the avian influenza due to the highly concentrated poultry and pig farming in the non-Muslim countries. Avian influenza cannot be declared as pandemic on behalf of only 206 deaths world wide in duration of more than 12 years.