At any given point in time, the area has 40 proven cases.

The climate change and biodiversity hotspot of Wayanad took its first steps towards eco-restoration and climate change mitigation with the rolling out of the state's first carbon neutrality project

Kottayam: The district has been facing a surge in number of dengue cases reported. Seven cases were reported on Wednesday alone.

Kozhikode: Environmental groups in the district have demanded for making environment-friendly building plans mandatory for building permits.

KOZHIKODE: Health experts have warned of a possible outbreak of dengue haemorragic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS) in the district this year.

KANNUR: Lateritic landscapes, wasteland which are rich in biodiversity and indiscriminate mining could lead to destruction of the unique eco system of these areas, says a study conducted by the sci

Experts in the field has stressed the need for conducting a water audit in the Kozhikode Corporation to formulate a water policy to overcome water scarcity and to carry out remedial measures.

KOZHIKODE: IUML state president Panakkad Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal has asked mosque authorities to restrict the use of loud speakers to azan calls and announcements in times of emergencies as th

KOZHIKODE: Abandoned fishing nets floating freely in the waters off the Kerala coast, referred to as 'ghost nets' for their deadly impact on various marine life, are posing a big threat to the enda

KOZHIKODE: The Union government decision to ban multi-dose vials of painkiller drug diclofenac has sparked fresh hopes for the survival of three critically-endangered vulture species in the state,