KOZHIKODE: How many of you would pinch yourself if you were told that methane emissions from livestock - in the form of burps and flatulence produced during enteric fermentation in the rumen of ani

KOZHIKODE: Abandoned fishing nets floating freely in the waters off the Kerala coast, referred to as 'ghost nets' for their deadly impact on various marine life, are posing a big threat to the enda

After imposing curbs on construction of highrises in the environmentally fragile hill district, the Wayanad district administration is moving ahead with its proactive conservation agenda.

KOZHIKODE: The fisheries department is planning a novel move to tackle the malnutrition problem ailing tribal colonies in Wayanad.

The state's first rewilding experiment through voluntary relocation of people, who had inhabited wildlife sanctuaries, has come to fruition as the area is now teeming with wild animals.

In a pioneering initiative to put in place a fool proof-waste disposal plan to prevent bird/ animal strike incidents during aircraft operations, the Karipur Airport has launched a zero-waste initia

The biodiversityrich Western Ghats have sprung yet another botanical surprise.

The existing measure to mitigate man-animal conflict in the forest-fringed district of Wayanad have failed miserably, said a report by greens and wildlife scientists.

Basic Facilities Have Been Denied To 100-Odd Families In Wayanad's Chettiyalathur Village

Kozhikode: For the residents of Chettiyalathur village in Wayanad, voting has remained a valuable right even if they have not received anything much in return over six decades since independence.

The latest camera trap study of the tiger population in Wayanad conducted by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) for the state forest department shows the 344.44 square km sanctuary having a ti