The wildlife expert committee constituted by the Kerala government to study animal behaviour and gather scientific data on use of roadside space by animals has not been able to commence its works w

At a time when farmers across the state are increasingly abandoning paddy cultivation, a group of traditional paddy farmers and agriculture experts have teamed up to form the state’s first producer

Just like wildlife and bird sanctuaries for conserving threatened land and avian species, the state will soon have four dedicated fish sanctuaries for preserving endangered and vulnerable native fi

Poly Houses Would Enable Round-The-Year Cultivation Of Vegetables

The state government’s drive to encourage hitech farming has found favour among more than 1,125 new generation farmers, who have come forward to sign up for precision farming.

Wildlife Conservation Society Completes Survey Using Advanced Camera-Trap Method

The state is set to get an accurate count of tigers in Wayanad forests in a month. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has completed the counting of the big cats with advanced camera trap studies.

A large group of people living in villages deep inside the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are set for an occupy stir which will see them forcefully occupy bungalows, buildings and revenue land under the forest department in the district in protest against government delay in implementing the relocation package promised to them long ago.

The villagers, comprising around 2,600 tribal and nontribal families from 110 settlements situated deep within the WWS, had voluntarily expressed their willingness to move out of the forest three years back. The unique project, if implemented, could have added over 1500 acres to the sanctuary, making it one of the largest voluntary relocation programmes in the country.

Ailment Reported For The First Time In State, Claims Life Of 50-Year-Old

The health department is fighting the first outbreak of Lyme disease in the state in human settlements inside the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The disease has claimed the life of a 50-yearold woman while four others have been affected so far. All the affected belong to Nambiarkunnu at Chettiyalathur in Noolpuzha panchayat. The disease was confirmed in blood tests conducted at the Manipal Centre for Virus Research this week.