MYSURU: Leaders of various farmers' organizations and political parties from the region on Sunday opposed the Centre's move to take the ordinance route to amend the Land Acquisition Act.

MYSORE: A study carried out by the scientists at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) Hyderabad has indicated that elephants held in captivity in mutts, zoos and other places are living

The city's water woes continues to affect people as steps initiated to streamline the supply have met with opposition from the interests that are supported by elected representatives, including cor

MYSORE: Jana Chetana a NGO involved with the protection of lakes and their conservation has decided to take up the issue of protecting the lakes in the region in a big way and have a multipronged a

Mysore Grahakara Parishat (MGP), an NGO involved with customer-related issues and citizens' problems , on Sunday decided to launch an agitation to urge the government to resolve drinking water prob

The Mysore City Corporation is aiming big. It wants to segregate waste at source for effective solid waste management.

The city will get two more solid waste management plants for better disposal of the garbage generated daily at the tourist hub while the plans to shift the existing plant to the outskirts has been

Karnataka will face drastic change in its climate in the near future due to global warming, said M B Raje Gowda, professor of agrometerology at University of Agriculture Sciences, Gandhi Krishi Vig

At last UOM (University of Mysore) has decided to clean up the picturesque Kukkarahalli lake and maintain it as a world class walking arena for the city people.

Farmers from districts along the Cauvery basin on Saturday launched an agitation, urging the Centre to shift the proposed high-tension electric wire passing through pristine forests in Kodagu, poin