Residents were evacuated from their homes on several streets in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem Thursday as an enormous forest fire, fanned by high winds, swept toward the area.

“We stand by the study.

Symptoms of pollution-related disorders include smaller-than-average heads and relatively low weight, in addition to the high rates of cancer identified in previous studies, Channel 2 News reported

Jerusalem recorded its worst air pollution levels ever, at 173 times normal levels. In some other parts of the country, air pollution levels were at their worst for 75 years.

But there is plenty of water stress going on in the world right now — such as in California, where earlier this month desperate officials dumped 20,000 black plastic balls into a Los Angeles reserv

Israel has signed a cooperation agreement with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) to develop protocols and systems to use satellite technology for life-saving activities on

Eleven firefighting squads and four aircraft were dispatched Monday to extinguish a raging forest fire which ravaged large areas in the Wadi Ara region near Haifa.

Israeli entrepreneurs Ran Korber, Emil Fisher, and Ziv Lautman are to be honored at the White House Monday, when they will be lauded for their technology’s contribution to improving the human condi