The Tamil Nadu government is targeting Rs 2 lakh crore worth investments in the next four years in the MSME sector as it unveiled a new policy to make the state a vibrant eco-system for MSMEs and startups.

Tamil Nadu announced its new industrial policy to provide further fillip to the industrial growth in the State by attracting more investments.

The Tamil Nadu Government’s endeavour is to provide basic amenities and infrastructure facilities, expand livelihood opportunities, improve rural connectivity, provide rural housing and enable a clean and sanitized environment in rural areas, leading to substantial improvement in the quality of life of the people.

Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency announced the final Tamil Nadu solar energy policy 2019. The policy intends to include solar energy in demand side management, energy conservation, energy efficiency, smart grids etc.the policy also talks about encouraging public-private partnerships, joint ventures etc.

The Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) is inviting comments and inputs for its Draft Tamilnadu Solar Energy Policy-2018 under which it has set a target of 8,884 MW by the year 2022, when the Government of India wants to achieve an installed capacity of 100 GW of solar power.

Tamil Nadu, which has long been delaying setting up the District Mineral Foundation, has finally notified the institution and has framed the rules to govern the body. The DMF would ensure that a part of the royalty received by the Central and State governments is earmarked for developing areas affected by mining activities.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister unveiled the State Environment Policy 2017 which has among its goals measures to tackle the impact of climate change.

The State of Environment Report of Tamil Nadu provides the general profile of the State’s biophysical and socio-economic conditions. It is well known that unsustainable living styles have contributed to environmental degradation.

This automobile policy will focus on further development and consolidation of automobile and components industry where Tamil Nadu enjoys a comparative advantage and to strengthen this industry as a key driver of economic growth.

This new policy released by the Government of Tamil Nadu is designed to facilitate new biotech companies to come to the state by creating an enabling environment. Read the text.