This draft Tamil Nadu State Action Plan on Climate Change defines the overarching climate response framework at the state government level to reduce vulnerability, reduce hazards and exposure and increase capacity to cope with unforeseen events, while articulating flexible sector specific response strategies and actions keeping in mind the overall Vision. Read full text.

The main focus of the State of Environment Report, Chennai (SoER, Chennai) is to provide the baseline environment data, which will aid in the formulation of an appropriate policy for environmental management.

Tamil Nadu government has announced this policy for the state with an aim of generating 1,000 Mw of solar power every year from 2015, setting up of solar energy parks along with incentives for solar power producers and equipment manufacturers.

This draft of Tamil Nadu state environment policy 2012 strives to look at the regulatory framework, its adequacy, the awareness levels among the stakeholders, the recent judicial pronouncements and participation of technical institutions/industries in furthering the cause of environment.

Vision 2023 Tamil Nadu (“Vision 2023”) sets the plan for infrastructure development for the state to reach the desired outcomes by 2023. The three outcomes of Vision 2023 are: The per capita income of Tamil Nadu’s residents will reach

Tamil Nadu is one of the most socially developed and economically progressive States in the country and progressing faster in terms of per capita income and Human Development Indicators (HDI).

This Policy sets forth position of Tamil Nadu government on e-waste management by identifying the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders to manage the e-waste in an environmentally sound manner , through reduction in the generation of e-waste and providing a system for collection, segregation and recycling of e-waste.

An attempt has been made to estimate the presence of heavy metal Arsenic in groundwater in the state of Tamil Nadu recently. Now-a-days the heavy metal Arsenic poses a health risk problem throughout the world. Arsenic may be found in water which has flowed through arsenic-rich rocks.

The draft of granite policy 2009 by the Tamil Nadu state government aimed at enabling efficient exploitation of granite reserves in Tamil Nadu in a transparent manner, with due regard to the conservation of minerals, safety of labourers, mines and environmental protection.

This Act may be called the Land Acquisition (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act, 1948.