This publication provides an overview of key facts and societal challenges related to economic development, future energy
demand and the impact that demand could have on the climate system.The focus of this publication is on the world's use of energy and its related impacts.

This publication is focused on providing an overview of adaptation from a business perspective. It describes potential impacts of climate changes, risks and opportunities for business, and why business should consider adaptation planning and measures.

This report summarizes work of the global project, which provides a platform for next phase. This document concentrates on presenting an assessment of the current situation. While it sketches some broad solutions, the focus of the next phase will be to add detail.

The rapid increase in food prices in many countries has led to substantial media attention on agriculture. This publication does not attempt to cover everything there is to know about agricultural ecosystems. Rather, it tries to present well documented facts and figures to better understand the challenges
facing the sustainable management of agricultural ecosystems.