The BJP-led government yesterday promised to achieve a high economic growth of seven to eight per cent by continuing reforms through a national consensus and earmarking 60 per cent of Plan funds for

The BJP-led Government proposes to bring in an agriculture policy which would reflect a new price, credit and marketing regime and ensure optimum and sustainable use of the country's land, water and

Mouth and foot disease that broke out in Gurdaspur district among the cattle and resulted in the death of 18 head cattle has been brought under control, claimed Dr. Gurdeep singh, Deputy Director,

The seriousness of the Vajpayee Government's 'swadeshi' pledge will be tested by how it legislates to prevent such thefts as the one of basmati rice by an American company. India urgently needs a set

expert: If champagne continues to remain a typical French wine and Scotch Scottish, no amount of American arm-twisting will be able to snatch basmati' from India's lap, noted agriculture scientist

After two years of intense lobbying by the US, the Union government has agreed in principle to lift the ban on soyabeans import and permit Indian processors to bring in 1 million tonnes. The final

The government will review the terms of the agriculture policy and increase the minimum support price to farmers from the level recommended by the Commission on Agricultural Costs and Prices, New

Can US call its wines champagne, asks expert: If champagne continues to be a typical French wine and scotch whisky Scottish, no amount of American arm-twisting will be able to snatch "Basmati" from

The new Agriculture Minister, Som Pal, today proposed to bring in a comprehensive agriculture policy which would maximise the use of land, water and genetic resources. He also said that the ministry

The Indian floriculture industry has expressed shock at the seizure of thousands of 'counterfeit roses' by the authorities at the Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, last week. Reacting to the