Mango the king of fruits is likely to cost a kings ransom this season. Though it was expected that this year's crop would be lower than the previous year because of the cyclic effect or more

The leading Dutch firm, Eurobrid is all set to invest $ 1 million in a poultry breeding project being launched in the country with the help of Pioneer Hatcheries. The project includes supply of

Credit rating agencies have finalised rating mechanism for plantation companies. Three agencies -Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd (Crisil), Icra and Credit Analysis and Research Ltd

Incidence of poverty among farmers rose by about 15 per cent in just one year. This was revealed in a nationwide "poverty monitoring" survey released at a national seminar. The survey was conducted

Most French people do not want to eat genetically engineered food and say France should reverse its decision to allow farmers to grow genetically altered maize, Greenpeace, the environmental group

The shrinkage of area under sugarcane cultivation and the continuous decline in sucrose recovery have caused concern among the growers and sugarmills owners in the State. For the last two years, none

The $280 million wheat import contract from Austria faces termination with Prime Minister A B Vajpayee asking the food ministry to send a status report on the situation as it may have serious legal

The latest in sugar technology will be the focus of an international Congress to be held here in February, 1999. The International Society for Sugarcane Technologists (ISSCT) will host its XXII

Thousands of shishu variety of saplings on both sides of the Dhaka Aricha highway were being perished due to the outbreak of unidentified disease causing heavy loss to the growers. According to the

A top level inter-ministerial team drawing expertise from various fields is burning midnight oil, preparing to fight India's case in the controversial basmati patent granted to the US agricultural