The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Indian (Assocham) on Thursday favoured taking the basmati patent controversy to the dispute settling mechanism of the

A trend for New Zealand farmers to specialise in producing lean meat, rather than wool, from their sheep is having a disastrous impact on thier

Celeste: The U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Richard Celeste, today said it would be "effective" to challenge the patent on basmati rice granted to an American company, given the past rulings of U.S. courts on

Even as Indian basmati rice traders and agriculture scientists try to grapple with the fall-out of the patent obtained by the US-based RiceTec Inc, new company has also sought Plant Breeders Rights

European Union countries will be able to choose how to allocate billions of Ecus of Brussels aid to farmers for the first time under controversial plans for reforming the Common Agricultural

With unseasonal rains in December affecting crops in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, cotton production has been downscaled to 164 lakh bales this season (October-September) , a United States

Europe faces "devastating" future and should overhaul its strategy for containing them, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) warned. The agency called for a cut in herd

Scientists are blaming the arid climate and overuse of nitrogenous fertilizer and agriculture chemicals for an outbreak of bollworm in

By creating a separate directorate of sericulture in the textiles ministry, the Maharashtra government has given a boost to the silk industry in the state. Officials here believed that with just one

India's leading rice breeder, Dr. E.A. Siddiq, has said that the use of 'basmati' name by the US Rice Tec Inc to its variety was "unacceptable." Dr. Siddiq and co-researchrs developed the world's