A massive programme of genetic improvement and conservation of goat breeds is underway at the world's only full-fledged research centre for goats under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Scientists at the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) claim to have perfected a new "gasifier-based" technique for drying and curing of large cardamom, which they claim would fetch a 10 per cent

Minister for Social Welfare Kadiam Srihari stated that spraying of pesticide on cotton crop in Warangal district was completed in 82,000 hectares out of a total affected area of 99,000 hectares. He

A massive programme for genetic improvement and conservation of gaot breeds is underway at the world's only full-fledged research centre for the animal at Makhdoom in Uttar

Suicides by farmers due to cotton crop failure in Andhra Pradesh continued unabated even as the state government announced a relief package for farmers and promised to evolve a long term measures to

The impact of scientific intervention is perceptible in Panihar Chak and Chaudhariwas villages where apart from earning more income the farmers have also benefited from including til and groundnut in

Spain is seeking further European Union aid in an effort to contain the spread of swine fever, which has already led to the slaughter of more than 800,000 pigs, almost 5 per cent of the country's

Fear and panic has gripped Betul district after the toll in police firing on protesting farmers went up to 16. The farmers were demanding compensation for the damage to their crops due to hail,

The Tamil Nadu government has decided to organise a State-wide poultry immunisation programme at an estimated cost of Rs. 89 lakhs, to prevent "Ranikhet" viral disease among

Scalemaster Adlam Private Ltd. an NRI firm engaged in the manufacture of non-chemical water treatment units for industrial usage, has now introduced a radical water treatment system for poultry