West Bengal's department of environment and forests has decided to use fly ash generated by thermal power plants and industrial boilers using coal as soil conditioners, and convert old ash ponds into

Rural women manage the family and the field, yet most development programmes target just the male farmer

A recent festival of short films bombed by and large

Agriculture, India's primary sector, is vulnerable nature's vagaries, but technological innovations have been playing a bigger role in its development. However, the lack of coordination between

IT IS time for European farmers to clean up their backyards: the European Community has launched in London its first environmental audit for farms. The brainchild of Linking Environment and Farming

Check dams have yielded rich dividends for Hivare

SPANNING 9 chapters, Tushaar Shah's book focuses on a very specific but vital component of India's agricultural development -- groundwater markets (GWMs) and its effect on the economy, society and

PEGGY Rismiller of the University of Adelaide has unveiled the sexual exploits of the elusive and solitary egg-laying Australian mammal, the spiny anteater or echidna, which might help to

No one wants to shoulder responsibility for microorganisms that were brought into the country for agriculture trials

SCIENTISTS have overcome the resistance offered by three species of Indian pulses to conventional genetic engineering techniques, literally at the point of a gun. S C Bhargava of the S K N College