Bio-technology companies are positioned to do well as the US farmers switch from one crop to another this year in pursuit of maximum profits. Bigger corn and soyabean crops and declining prices would

A Rs. 455.30 crores agricultural development project has been forwarded to the Centre for approval for getting World Bank assistance, the Agriculture Minister, Mr. Veerapandi Arumugam, told the

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr M Karunanidhi, yesterday, announced a further set of sales tax (ST) concessions and a substantial Rs 94-crore relief package for farmers , reeling under the impact

Realising the vital necessitgy of conserving the rich plant heritage of India, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has now established a national gene bank (NGB) at the National Bureau of

Land tax on farmers in Tamil Nadu has been waived this year in view of the floods during the monsoons, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi announced in the state assembly on

There has been too much emphasis on cereal crops - rice and wheat. Although getting to the top of any field is not easy, Punjab has achieved it. It produced 136.78 lakh tonnes of what and 73.30 lakh

The coypu farming business in Thailand has proved to be a get-rich-quick scam for most companies involved and now the majority are out of business. Farmers have been left with thousands of

The government is actively considering a proposal to set up a Cotton Technology Mission for the all-round development of cotton production. This was announced by Mr Kanshi Ram Rana, Minister of

Once known as the cotton belt of Haryana, Fatehbad district is certain to lose that status as a majority farmers of this area have been forced to opt for alternative crops due to the declining trend

Bewitched by soaring rice prices, mango farmers have turned parts of Suphan Buri province into a mango graveyard. By switching to what they considered a more profitable crop, Suphan Buri farmers have