Troubled by the degradation of soil and water, French farmers are now switching to a more sustainable practise of agriculture

Rural folk can grow rice on lakes in Manipur

Agriculturists in India are gradually moving away from chemical pesticides and fertilisers;

Farmers in Sri Lanka are up in arms against low-priced agricultural imports from India that have flooded the country's markets. After prolonged protest campaigns against the duty-free potato

A noted Gandhian historian, DHARAMPAL has enquired into variousfacets of M British Indian society. He has authored several books, including Indian Science and Technology in the 18th century and The Beautiful Tree. In a conversation with MAX MARTIN in

Water will become the most prized and precious commodity in the coming years. Internecine conflicts over the resource are already the order of the day and a global water crisis seems not too far away. But the water-guzzling US state of California is show

A NEW predatory mite has proved to be a boon for Africa's cassava (a root crop) fields. Recently, scientists from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in lbadan, Nigeria,

Without water, cities in California have fared disastrously

More than a quarter of California's agricultural land is irrigated. When the state had reeled under a prolonged drought in 1987-92, innovative concepts like water trading and water banking

Water trade in California involved various mechanisms to help encourage efficient use