Haryana and Punjab , the two major basmati growing and exporting states, have woken up, though belatedly, to the challenge thrown up by the patent granted by the United States to Rice Tec for

Pakistan government has initiated action against a US-based company, M/S RICETEC, which has been granted patent by the United States authorities to market basmati rice

Bans on the import and cultivation of genetically modified maize in Austria and Luxembourg look set to remain in place until at the least the summer. A committee of EU experts should vote within the

There are a far greater number of honeycombs in the wilds of Assam than in the Sunderbans, a joint research conducted by a team of experts from Austrian and the Gauhati University has found. The

With the completion of reconstruction work, repairs and expansion of 34 irrigation projects by the District Irrigation Office of fiscal year 2053/54, some 1,500 hectares of land has been brought

MPs criticised as "totally unacceptable" European Commission plans for an increase in farm spending as part of its proposed reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. The Commission has estimated the

China continues to be a predominantly rural country, despite rapid growth and structural transformation of its economy in the recent past, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said during a

The Andhra Pradesh Government has initiated a pilot project in the State aimed at providing comprehensive crop insurance to the farmers in two districts- Mahaboobnagar and Prakasham- which would be

The US Rice manufacturers are using 'Basmati' as a generic term to counter India's efforts to nullify the use of the latest patent on Basmati rice line. This would mean that, in time, Basmati would

Nearly 800 heads of cattle, including ecotic crossbred cows, have died in Moga, Ferozepur, Faridkot, ludhiana, and Mansa districts of Punjab following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.