The agriculture ministry is worried that the area under wheat cultivation has gone down by one million hectare from last year's 26 million hectare. The fall in average will affect wheat cultivation,

Opposition parties as well as some sections of the ruling Congress(I) oppose the Goa government's proposed move to dole out the state's forest land on lease to Reliance-Salgaonkar Ltd (RSL) for

To improve assistance to agricultural commodity producers in developing countries, particularly the least developing countries, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Common Fund for

Wealthy landowners seem likely to keep the bulk of their European Union subsidies in spite of calls for a limit to hand-outs. Proposals by the European Commission, the EU's executive, would mean that

The National Human rights Commission has issued a notice to the Andhra Pradesh Government to submit a detailed report on the allegations made by a doctor regarding mass suicides committed by cotton

MNCs : Four major plant breeders from Germany, Netherlands and France have threatened to deny access to new rose varieties to Indian floriculturists if there is no improvement in the protection of

Concerned over dwindling paddy fields in Kerala, the state government is encouraging the use of imported mechanised paddy-seeding transplanters by offering subsidies to make rice cultivation

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has been urged to intervene once again in the matter pertaining to the mass suicides of farmers in Andhra Pradesh in the last two

The country's chicken population has registered the fastest growth in the Asia Pacific region in the last decade, according to a report of the Bangkok-based United Nations Economic and Social

The Indian Crop Protection Association (ICPA) claims that the spate of suicides by farmers in Andhra Pradesh caught in the cotton debt trap is the result of a poor agricultural credit system in