India has few chances of getting the basmati patent cancelled, a leading conservation scientist of India has said. Mr.P. Pushpangadan, director of the Tropical Botanical Garden Research Institute in

Hundreds of angry farmers gathered in New Delhi today to protest against the granting of a US patent to sell rice under the Basmati brand. "We have not done enough to protect our own treasures of

The new agro-technology that genetically disables a seed's capacity to germinate could threaten the livelihood of traditional farmers, mainly in developing countries, according to researchers. The US

The Government's decision to grant conditional customs clearance for the import of one million tonne of soyabean from the United States brings in the first major consignment of "gene food" into

The Mother Dairy plant in the capital has become the first plant in the country to achieve latest global standard for food hygiene and safety - called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Small and marginal farmers in Kerala, united under the umbrella of the Farmers' Relief Forum (FRF), have decided to protest against government apathy to ward the community by declaring an embargo on

Following the outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in this district, nearly 250 head of cattle have died in about 50 villages, while about 4200 head of cattle have been affected by the disease.

A simple and inexpensive plastic-mounted colour chart is being advocated for efficient nitrogen management in rice by scientists at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. "The

A senior Clinton Administration official has stated that India's envisaged challenge of a U.S. patent given to an American company for basmati rice would be an exercise in

Two decades of fights over food labelling and nutrition have suggested at least two laws of behviour. First, Americans have an unquenchable hunger to know as much as possible about what is in their