The government is likely to unveil its national agricultural policy during the Budget session of Parliament, said Minister of state for agriculture Som Pal yesterday.The policy will have a special

Mumbai's mango lovers are in for a disappointment this season with the harvest being only a quarter of it's usual size. Mango traders attribute this low output of the "king of fruits" to the erratic

Red spider mites have posed a serious threat to the apple crop in Himachal Pradesh, the state where apple forms the backbone of its economy in terms of revenue.

Rise in the level of vehicle pollution and the consequent degradation of environment has been affecting plants in Chandigarh city. A large number of mango trees in the two kilometre stretch of green

Study : Several fertiliser projects, both in public and private sectors, involving an estimated cost of Rs 4,179.61 crore under implementation are expected to produce an additional 13.0 lakh tonne

Union minister of state for rural areas and employment Babagouda Patil on Sunday alleged that sub-standard pesticides brought into the country by Indian firms to make a quick buck had ruined the

In mid-December, the Department of Agriculture published its National Organic Program regulations, a set of proposed rules for production of organic food that would be the basis for a national

Study : Since Anurag Agrawal's discovery was published in the prestigious Science magazine in February, the 25-yr-old researcher has juggled scientific celebrity and the nuts and bolts of research

The Orissa Government is expected to launch a renewed campaign against shifting cultivation which is posing a major threat to its forests and environment. The Government has reasons to sit up and

For the past four years, Colombia's anti-drugs police, backed by the United States, have tried to eradicate coca-growing in its southern jungles. Chemicals are being sprayed to eradicate the crop.