Thakarsibhaisavalia, 58, a farmer from Pankhan village, may not have cried 'eureka', as Archimedes did, but he was intelligent enough to realise that he had stumbled upon something extraordinary: a

About 200 farmers' representatives belonging to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party's farmers' wing, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, entered the office of Power minister Kaushik Patel and threatened him that if

West Bengal has demanded a patent for Darjeeling tea to help maintain its domination and status in the global market and as a major foreign exchange for the

As teams on fact-finding missions have started visiting Lalitpur district in Jhansi to examine the high incidents of suicides, the district authorities have identified poverty prone areas to study

Many farmers in Kondapur, 100 kilometres west of Hyderabad lost everything by betting on cotton. Now, they are trying

Japanese farmers, food processors and wholesalers are rushing to get certification from U.S. organizations that designate agricultural produce as organic, before the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry

The government is likely to announce a compensation package for the damage caused to the cotton crop in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan during the current kharif season. The loss has been estimated to

Hemp is back in Canada. Since the 1930s, both the US and Canada have strictly forbidden farmers to grow the plant, a relative of marijuana. But now, Canada has broken the taboo. In the next few

Organic farming tea especially in the Darjeeling gardens is fast gaining ground. Apart from clinching better export deals in the European market, such kind of farming has helped in the retention of

The Joint House Committee which made an on-the spot study of the crop failure in Bidar and Gulbarga districts, has recommended to the Government to increase the quantum of compensation from Rs. 500 a