The power sector got a boost on Monday with two power projects starting operations.

Extensive experimental research has been devoted to the study of behaviour related to public goods, common-pool resources and other social dilemmas. In a majority of these studies, it is found that subjects tend to cooperate if they are allowed to communicate and make their own rules of use. In the context of the Forest Rights Act, 2006, a number of questions are being raised at public forums. Are communities capable of managing a valuable resource like a forest? Will transfer of authority not result in large-scale deforestation?

Advisories To Deal With Situations When Big Cats Stray Into Human Habitats

Pune: The chief wildlife warden of Maharashtra has issued advisories to the state’s four tiger reserves —Sahyadri Tiger Reserve in Kolhapur, Tadoba-Andhari in Chandrapur, Pench in Nagpur and Melghat in Amravati — to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) recently released by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), framed to deal with emergencies arising because of tigers straying into humandominated landscapes.

A spectre of severe water scarcity looms large on large parts of the state with the total water storage only 48% of the capacity in the 2438 dams and reservoirs in the state at the end of second we

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has caught Amravati Municipal Corporation (AMC) on the wrong foot.

A faulty design was the ostensible reason for the cost of the Nerdhamana irrigation project in Akola district to skyrocket from an initial estimate of Rs 181 crore to Rs 638 crore.

The controversial white paper on irrigation projects produced by the state water resources ministry is littered with outdated, confusing and allegedly misleading statistics.

A study conducted of the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana in 2009-10 in Amaravati district of Maharashtra shows that there are critical concerns in the very design and implementation of the programme that may make it challenging for RSBY to reach its target of below the poverty line population. Thus, the poor in the more remote blocks and villages may be ignored for easier to reach potential enrollees as the premia paid for all are the same.

Mumbai: Deputy CM Ajit Pawar of the NCP may find himself embroiled in the controversy surrounding the large-scale and arbitrary increase in the costs of irrigation projects in the state.

About 50,000 farmers in 10 districts of Maharashtra are expected to benefit from a pilot project which will disseminate weather-related inputs using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) t