The benefits of breastfeeding babies include better intelligence, lower risk of cancer and asthma, and much more...

Joshua M Smith and his team from North Dakota University, USA, suggest that writing can help improve the health of people, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses. The researchers asked 112

the uk has more cases of asthma than any other country in Europe and is among the worst affected in the world. According to a report by the uk 's National Asthma Campaign, at least one in

With the degradation of the quality of our environment, the incidence of asthma is on the rise. The choking ailment seems to be acute even among children, as pointed out by recent studies in the us

SCIENTISTS have recently confirmed the presence in the lungs of asthmatics of an enzyme that produces nitric oxide, which damages cells lining the airways. Nitric oxide was known to be present in the

CONTRARY to common sense, foul air may not be the cause of the rise in the number of asthmatics, at least not in Britain. Though the number of Britons with asthma has risen rapidly in recent years,

A miracle cure for asthma continues to attract patients in thousands despite the scepticism expressed by medical experts

OXFORD researchers have found children are more likely to inherit asthma and hay fever from mothers than fathers. The gene responsible, found on chromosome 11, is only active when inherited from

Pollution is leading to a higher incidence of asthma, and studies show that a commonly used treatment may increase the risk of death from the disease