Bamboo could be a potential source of green gasoline

A new technology has been deve

Indigenous is the byword in the water harvesting techniques followed in India s northeast. In Meghalaya, an intricate network of bamboo pipes is used to irrigate betel leaf or black pepper crops in rocky areas where no channels can be built, a practice wh

The roofs of Mizoram s homes offer a solution to the state s water crisis

The biggest threat to Vietnam s bio diversity comes from deforestation. In the past 25 years, the total area of natural forests has declined at an average 350,000 hectares per year. To save its forests, the nation has evolved a two pronged strategy: the

An organisation set up by priests provides inexpensive bamboo houses to people living in slums and on the streets

Bamboo, the big brother in the Graminae (grass) family is often the first vegetation that sprouts in a degraded forest or a patch left after slash-and-burn agriculture. Most bamboo species

The Indian paper industry (325 paper mills with a total installed capacity of 3.3 million t) meets around 60 per cent of its fibrous raw material requirements from bamboo, supply of which has

India"s treasure-trove Species Number NORTH-EAST REGION:   Arundinaria Bambusa Chimonobambusa

Overexploitation, skewed pricing policies and inefficient utilisation have laid bare the bamboo"s vast reserves. While local communities clamour for the resource, and possiblities of sustainable use abound, governments dole it out to industry. Arunachal,