The cultivation of the grass is now less cumbersome

Although termed "forest weed" or "the poor man's timber" bamboo's potential may satisfy modernity's growing needs

THE BOMBAY High Court has ruled that bamboo mats are forest produce, thereby contradicting the rulings of both the Gujarat High Court and the additional sessions judge. The pro-forest

Chakriya Vikas Pranali, a rural organisation, has a unique approach to ecological regeneration based on informed agricultural practices. This approach, introduced in more than 30 villages in south Bihar, requires sharing the produce between the landowner,

Bamboo roofs, floors, and even doors: that's the style of houses in the northeastern states, home to more than 50 per cent of the genetic resources of Indian bamboo. Of the nearly 100

The monetary value of crops gnawed away by rodents last year has been estimated as Rs 67,201.98 lakhs, the Assembly was informed today.

The three-day residential training programme on modern bamboo structure and housing organised by Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) in collaboration with Building Material and Technology Promoti

That’s what Tripura’s tribals get for a resource that is theirs

Can bamboo become the basis of a thriving industry? Can the northeast cash in the most?

The Apatanis manage their forests well. So, they never have to buy wood from markets