Wastepaper is abundantly available in India. Yet the Indian paper industry depends heavily on imports. MONALI ZEYA HAZRA finds out why

It is rich in nutrition as well as flavour

Fried bamboo shoot: Fry half-a kilogramme of bamboo shoot. Slice and then wash them. Thereafter, fry chopped onions and five green chillies. Add the shredded bamboo, along with turmeric and salt to

Conflicts over natural resource access goes back a long way in history ever since national parks became the best insitu method of protecting endangered biodiversity and received legal sanction all over the globe.

The bamboo industry in India has an industry growth rate ranging between 15 and 20 per cent. The tallest grass has nearly 1,500 recorded uses ranging from medicines and handicrafts to construction.

With careful planning, problems accompanying bamboo flowering can be overcome

Chinese paper industry in for a makeover

The Central Empowered Committee (CEC) has stayed the granting of lease to the J K Industries-owned Central Pulp Mill to extract bamboo from Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary in Bharuch

The Orissa government has slapped a forest development tax on three minor forest produce items tendu leaf, timber and bamboo. Seen as a countermeasure to the March 2001 Orissa High Court order that declared the imposition of state sales tax on tendu ill

Bamboo sustains large rural populations in india, and state forest department coffers