Huge profit margin lures even influential politicians.

The Health department on Wednesday confirmed that two people had died in the last five months, till May 28, due to dengue.

The city's garbage generation has increased by an astonishing 400 tonnes per day.

The BWSSB had warned that owners of properties which have borewells would face action, if the borewells were not registered by March 31. The Water Board had said defaulters would have to pay fine or even undergo prosecution. It was also planning squads to crack down on unregistered borewells.

But a BWSSB official has said that there are no specific rules to mitigate illegal borewells or penalise people who have not registered theirs. The fate of the borewell registration deadline may not be too different from that for installing rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems at homes.

Throwing out your old computer in a garbage dump may lead to mercury poisoning and a possible brain stroke. Confused?

Tired of the high pollution levels in Bangalore? Blame it on two-wheelers which contribute the biggest chunk of air pollution.

The sweltering summer heat has aggravated the problem of drinking water supply in most parts of the State, prompting the State Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RD&PR) to seek the permission of Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (OCEO), Karnataka, to implement approved action plans related to drinking water at the panchayat-level.

Besides, the Revenue department has recently issued a circular stating that water in major reservoirs should be used only for drinking purpose.

60 cities found to generate staggering 3,501 tonnes a day

The Supreme Court Wednesday described the "frightening" quantity of undisposed and ubiquitously strewn plastic waste as a "time bomb," while expressing deep concerns if municipal authorities across

We are sitting on a plastic time bomb,” the Supreme Court said on Wednesday after the Central Pollution Control