The High Court of Karnataka on Wednesday chided the Forest department for attempting to award ''huge'' punishment for a ''trivial'' offence.

The Division Bench consisting Chief Justice Vikramjit Sen and Justice B V Nagarathna did not agree with the government advocate’s claim that Fayaz Khan, a resident of Channapatna, was guilty of illegally stocking sandalwood nine years ago.

Rapidly growing cities, higher traffic load, reliance on outdated industrial processes, growing energy consumption, lack of appropriate industrial zoning and environmental regulations and poor implementation of control measures have all contributed to reduced aur quality.

The physico-chemical profile of effluent from sugar mill was determined during 2003-04. The parameters measured are temperature, colour, turbidity, pH, electrical conductivity, BOD, COD, total dissolved solids, chloride, total alkalinity, total hardness, sulphate, phosphate, total acidity, calcium and magnesium.