SCIENTISTS have successfully tested a biological pesticide for the first time on grasshoppers and locusts which ravage crops across Africa. They have developed sprays containing fungal spores

Environmental contamination and high production cost could now be eliminated with the discovery of a botanical pesticide using Jatropha curcas (tubang-bakod), say scientists from the Central

Investigators in France have shown that bioengineered plants that disrupt fungal cell walls are resistant to fungal pests and they can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fungicides. The group

With pesticides no longer a viable means of controlling pests in most cases, the search for alternatives like bio pesticides has proved that there is enough arsenal in plants to bring to heel even the most resistant variety

The German chemicals group BASF is using its plastics manufacturing technologies to improve mclicine-making process. The echnology replaces the tradi 3-stage manufacturing se e with a

Despite the general reluctance of farmers to adopt organic farming, one village in Tamil Nadu is using these techniques successfully.

THE PESTICIDES Association of India (PAI) and the ministry of environment and forests (MEF) are at loggerheads over a draft notification that includes pesticides in the list of products to be covered

ORGANIC farming technologies involve adaptation to local environments. Continuing the series on organic farming See Down To Earth, November 30, 1993 , here are two more examples of such farming technologies. The secret of Karnataka's L Narayana Reddy's s

The suspicion that the exotic Mexican beetle (Zigogramma bicolorata) may be causing more harm than good has been confirmed by the Union agriculture ministry. The ministry's plant protection adviser,

Malaria is attaining near epidemic proportions in the country but researchers in Madras hold out a ray of hope. They have produced an environmentally safe pesticide that kills mosquito larvae.