Organic farming supports higher biodiversity. Research involving the Colorado potato beetle shows that this increased diversity can deliver a better ecosystem service in the form of more effective pest control.

Antagoistic bacteria were isolated from soil samples collected from different forest areas of Jabalpur, Mandla, Umaria and Bilaspur. One antagonistic bacteria Bacillus firmus was isolated from the soil of Belkund teak forest nursery, Kundam Project, Forest Development Corporation, Jabalpur.

This study sets out the importance of analysing a specific situation in order to develop a holistic strategy of interventions which will be appropriate to the vectors

Environmental conservation depends, to a large degree, on public acceptance. Understanding people

JORHAT, May 17: The Department of Entomology, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, is organizing a national-level workshop on biological control of crop pests and weeds on May 29 and 30 at the University. This was informed by Dr A Basit, Principal Scientist, AICRP on bio-control and organizing secretary of the workshop.

Trichoderma spp. are well known as biocontrol agents. However, for field applications the farmers have to purchase them from agroproduct shops. Similarly, straw from different cereal crops after harvesting is generally not used further. Here an integrated use of straw and bioexploitation of Trichoderma sp. is presented. (Correspondence)

Spiders are gaining favour in ecological studies as indicators of environmental quality1 and as biological control agents in agricultural ecosystems. Coffee, a major commercial crop of India harbours rich spider diversity. The crop is also attacked by a variety of pests. This correspondence discusses the importance of gut content analysis of spiders in coffee ecosystem.

Agents to control this dreaded weed work well in labs, need to be taken to fields congress grass or parthenium, a native of tropical America, came to India accidentally in 1955. A rapidly growing invasive species, this grass competes well for nutrients and space and reproduces fast. One of the world

Tip for farmers: caterpillars fear the sound of bee wings JURGEN tautz has a passion for delving into the daily lives of bees. He has figured out much of the complex mechanism behind the waggle dance which honeybees use to beckon other bees to a food source. Now this scientist, from the University of Wurzburg in Germany has come up with a novel way of pest control involving bees. Tautz and

Enabavi and Ramachandrapuram villages broke away from the pesticide-debt trap. They are now teaching other villages to become debt free and self-reliant A board with bold letters announces the chemical free and GM free status of Enabavi village in Warangal district. The village stopped using pesticides 10 years ago and adopted organic farming five years later, much before the state