Yellow rust has been detected in the wheat crop spread over five acres in Taprapur village of the district’s Saraswati block.

This study measured part of the in-hive pesticide exposome by analyzing residues from live in-hive bees, stored pollen, and wax in migratory colonies over time and compared exposure to colony health. We summarized the pesticide burden using three different additive methods: (1) the hazard quotient (HQ), an estimate of pesticide exposure risk, (2) the total number of pesticide residues, and (3) the number of relevant residues. Despite being simplistic, these models attempt to summarize potential risk from multiple contaminations in real-world contexts.

During the review, experts informed the House panel that forests near tobacco cultivation areas are facing decline and loss of biodiversity.

The ʻohiʻa is Hawaii’s iconic tree, a keystone species that maintains healthy watersheds and provides habitat for numerous endangered birds.

Ahmedabad: Heena Patel (38) is in shock. The doctors recently removed almost half of her face, including the right eye, in a surgery to save her life.

Eastern Himalayas, particularly the small mountain state of Sikkim, is emerging as a treasure trove for botanists, mycologists and naturalists who in the year 2015 alone have discovered as many as

Nine days after the first case was reported in Yamunanagar, four more cases of yellow rust have been detected in the district.

To cause plant disease, pathogenic fungi can secrete effector proteins into plant cells to suppress plant immunity and facilitate fungal infection. Most fungal pathogens infect plants using very long strand-like cells, called hyphae, that secrete effectors from their tips into host tissue. How fungi undergo long-distance cell signalling to regulate effector production during infection is not known.

Bayer CropScience has launched a new fungicide Raxil Easy, a seed treatment product for the control of loose smut disease in wheat.

Mancozeb and its main metabolite ethylene thiourea (ETU) may alter thyroid function; thyroid hormones are essential for fetal brain development. In Costa Rica, mancozeb is aerially sprayed at large-scale banana plantations on a weekly basis. The objectives of the study was to (1) evaluate urinary ETU concentrations in pregnant women living nearby large-scale banana plantations; (2) compare their estimated daily intake (EDI) with established Reference Doses (RfDs); and (3) identify factors that predict their urinary ETU concentrations.