Designer labels and burglar proofing – Inside the Indian millennial’s home!

NCRB says 424 less cases in 2016; U.P., Rajasthan record maximum violations; fewer cases of pollution

The killing of two ‘rogue’ elephants in West Bengal over the past one month has brought the issue of growing human-elephant conflict in south Bengal to the fore.

Female butterflies are better than their male counterparts at mimicking noxious and unpalatable butterflies, which helps them avoid bird predators, according to a study by scientists of the Nationa

Eastern Himalayas, particularly the small mountain state of Sikkim, is emerging as a treasure trove for botanists, mycologists and naturalists who in the year 2015 alone have discovered as many as

At a time when plants and animals are under threat across the world, nature lovers and conservationists in India have 349 reasons to feel happy.

The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) has proposed to set up long-term permanent monitoring plots in Sunderbans, a world heritage site, having maximum mangrove cover in the world to study the impact

Latest survey shows the number at 250 in two of the State’s national parks

The carrying capacity of the Indian Sunderbans has been exceeded, and the increased population is exerting pressure on the fragile and richest ecosystem of the world, a World Bank report has said.

Disease spreads to south Bengal claiming two lives in Bankura, Murshidabad

Union Health Minister writes to CM expressing concern