Female hormones can boost your sperms

In fly world, a good pair of eyes can mean a lot. Like finding a girlfriend

Science is probably going to ensure that people will be cloned eventually as was Dolly, the sheep?

In a politically correct world, it is indeed surprising that the male cells enjoy an unabashed superiority when it comes to mutation

Who would have thought that the roundworm could ever shock the geneticists?

An embryo kept frozen for seven years has developed into a healthy baby body. According to medical experts, the four-kilogramme infant was the world's oldest new-born. The child was delivered by

When it comes to recieving hearts and kidneys, men do better than women. Women do better when it comes to donating organs

Total fertility rate (TFR) of Sri Lankan women is now estimated to be lower than that of their counterparts in some developed nations. TFR in Sri Lanka has fallen much faster than what was officially

A medicine that had been banned for its harmful effects, may soon stage a comeback

there have been mixed reactions in the us over a lady giving birth to seven babies. Only one of the babies - of Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey - was still breathing with the aid of a ventilator.