A recent encyclical from the Pope bolsters resurgent anti abortionist "pro life" groups in the US

The role of dais, traditional Indian midwives, is being reevaluated as modern medicine finds their lore ideally suited to Indian conditions

Dais use symbolic associations to ease childbirth

CANADA'S Royal Commission on Reproductive Technology has recommended a ban on sex determination tests. It has been stated that Indian Canadians and other South Asians visit ultrasound clinics for

DOCTORS in the US have successfully performed an experiment where a woman has given birth after being implanted with eggs that had been frozen. Up till now, doctors in the US have been able to

Two squirts of Krazy Glue may soon be all it takes to prevent pregnancies. Gregory Berkey, radiologist at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, administered small quantities of

Two genes induce the intrinsically female embryo to change into a male

A furore over the ethics of the new eugenics reproduction technologies that could create 'designer' babies has the medical community worldwide in a fix.

A recent hypothesis contends that menstruation protects women against various uterine infections.