Exposure to environmental estrogens reduces male fertility

In a landmark development in Sri Lanka's medical history, the country's first test tube baby was born in an entirely indigenous effort. It was a healthy baby girl weighing 3.5 kilogrammes delivered

The dwindling wild elephant population in Thailand may soon see a turnaround with the world's first elephant sperm bank opening for business in Bangkok. Following a series of trials, Thai

Test tube babies face higher health risks

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A tiny transmitter will soon help doctors keep a tab on life before birth

A new method to overcome infertility in mothers uses the same technique which was used to clone Dolly, the sheep

A good sex increases your chances of conceiving, say researchers

Technology allows doctors to retrieve sperms from a dead man and impregnate his widow

It has long been believed that correcting genes in the womb is one of the best ways to treat congenital diseases. Studies on animals have included injection of modified viruses into amniotic fluid,