The top technical committee to decide on the use of genetically modified products, the Genetic Engi- neering Approval Committee (GEAC) met on Wednesday to give a green signal to a fresh protocol to be drawn up for the contentious Bt brinjal crop.

Pune The Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation (MOFF) has commended Minister of State for Environment Jairam Ramesh for handling the controversial issues surrounding BT Brinjal in a "balanced manner".

Priscilla Jebaraj

NEW DELHI: At a time when the Science and Technology (S&T) and Environment Ministries are differing over Bt brinjal, another tussle is brewing between them over who a new biotechnology regulator will report to.

A week after its decision on Bt brinjal was overruled by Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC)

Between Bt decision and subsidies, agriculture is badly hit

If a public debate ended in a near-ban on Bt brinjal, the next review could well end up the other way
A K Bhattacharya / New Delhi February 16, 2010, 0:56 IST

Non-governmental organisations have been celebrating ever since Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh announced a moratorium on the commercial use of Bt brinjal in India.

Eminent scientist Dr PM Bhargava today flayed the current system of approval for genetically modified crops and said there was an immediate need for constitution of an independent national testing authority to carry out long-term health impact studies.

New Delhi: Amid a raging controversy over allowing the commercial use of Bt brinjal, Congress has sided with environment minister Jairam Ramesh at the expense of science and technology minister Prithviraj Chavan.

That Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh


Congress Spokesman (on February 9)