According to the latest data by the MCD, 288 fresh cases of dengue were reported last week, till September 23.

At least 894 fresh cases of dengue had been reported in the city over the last week, taking the number of the people affected by the vector-borne disease this season to 3,109, according to a munici

Ludhiana: With 5 new positive cases of chikungunya reported on Friday evening by the health department, the number has reached 7 from the Ludhiana district.

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The MCD data stated that 348 fresh cases of dengue were reported in the week ending September 16 — a 55 per cent increase from the preceding week.

Bhopal: Around 58 new cases of dengue and chikungunya have been reported from Bhopal in the past one week - making the situation as alarming as last year.

Mumbai: Even as the city received comparatively heavy rains this year, there has been a slight decline in the cases of dengue till August 2017.

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The capital has, however, seen a decline in cases of chikungunya this season, with 392 patients testing positive for the infection, a nine per cent drop as compared to the previous year.

Bhopal: Swine flu has claimed 23 lives in Madhya Pradesh since July and infected at least 115 people.