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The National Ice Center in Washington has warned that a huge iceberg is threatening shipping between South America and Antarctica. The iceberg named B-10A, measures 24 by 48 miles and is in the

Right now, the global warming debate bears an eerie resemblance to the smoking debate several decades ago. Back then, smokers might have been wheezing and coughing, but the tobacco companies were

Indian industry is willing to take part in the clean development mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto protocol of 1997, if a national mechanism is set up to ensure that the industry does not have to sell

The earth's average surface temperature in 1998 is the highest by far since people first began to measure it with thermometers in the mid-19th century, the world Meteorological Organization reported.

The European Union's new environment commissioner called for the EU to emulate a controversial US initiative by setting up a "bourse" enabling countries to buy or sell national quotas in the gases

About three-quarters of environmental experts in industrialized countries believe it will be impossible to achieve an international target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to levels recorded in the

Rising sea levels caused by global warming cold be far more devastating in the 21st century than what has been thought. Scientists said yesterday the rise in water level over the next 100 years could

Can Venice be saved? The 21st century will be last in which Venice is a habitable and visitable city unless something is done to stop the rising tides that corrode its buildings. But, as recent days

The meteor "shower" was but a mild drizzle, and it took place 16 hours too early

Trade of pollutants thrives in India, says a Greenpeace report