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President Bill Clinton is unlikely to secure the $6.3bn he has sought from Congress to fund a US package to lead a global fight against climate change, according to an administration document and US

The National Academy of Sciences has taken the extraordinary step off disassociating itself from a statement and petition circulated by its former presidents that attack international efforts to

St. Mark's Square in Venice could be flooded every day by the middle of the next century because of worldwide rises in sea levels, a leading flood control specialist was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

A section of an Antarctic ice shelf as big as the District of Columbia has broken away from the continental ice mass, perhaps in response to decades of gradual warming in the South Polar region. The

the Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ) has recently said that low global cereal stocks for a third year in a row could signal an imminent food crisis. This warning comes despite a good

There are more than 300,000 huge rocks in space, each waiting for a turn at targeting the Earth

How do you define and measure sustainable development? A host of non governmental organisations led by the Switzerland based World Conservation Union are trying to evolve a new approach to do just that

To clarify whether dyslexia, a fairly-common disorder characterised by an unexpected low reading ability, involves the brain's defective processing of visual information, US-based National Center for

Female hormones can boost your sperms

A messy little marine pest can protect us from cancer, claim US scientists